Varsha Bhalerao

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The role of involving prospective fathers in the care of pregnant women attending the Mother Craft Clinic of the Malavani Health Center in Bombay, India was evaluated. Beginning in October 1982, pregnant women attending the Clinic were requested to ask their husands to meet the resident medical officer of the center who was available on the premises of the(More)
The knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers toward childhood immunization was surveyed in 2 neighborhoods in greater Bombay, India. The areas were a slum of 75,000 called Malavani, and a nearby area called Kharodi. Measles and triple (DPT or DPV) vaccines were available at local health centers, 1.5 km away at the most; oral polio vaccines were given(More)
Since 1979 in India, the health center in Malavani, a Bombay slum, has tried different methods to vaccinate the largest possible number of newborns and children. Methods used to vaccinate infants and children included clinic visits to subcenters or to a health center, vaccination of siblings of students at primary schools, visits in a designated place in(More)