Varsha Banerjee

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We present results from Monte Carlo simulations of hysteresis in the zero-temperature ( T=0 ) dynamics of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick spin glass model. We study the statistics of magnetization-jumps (denoted as Deltam ) in response to a time-dependent magnetic field H (t) , which increases or decreases with constant increments Delta as H(t)-->H(t)+/-Delta .(More)
The Fibonacci grating (FbG) is an archetypal example of aperiodicity and self-similarity. While aperiodicity distinguishes it from a fractal, self-similarity identifies it with a fractal. Our paper investigates the outcome of these complementary features on the FbG diffraction profile (FbGDP). We find that the FbGDP has unique characteristics (e.g., no(More)
We study the effect of adsorption rate on the particle size distribution in solution-grown ternary Pb1-x Fex S nanoparticle films. Computer simulations of a stochastic lattice model with adsorption and mass dependent diffusion have been performed to mimic the underlying mechanism of particle growth. The experimental as well as numerical data exhibit(More)
We use a computationally efficient graph-cut method (GCM) to obtain the ground-state morphologies (at zero temperature) of the random-field Ising model in d=2,3. The GCM enables us to obtain comprehensive numerical results on large-scale systems. We analyze the morphologies by computing correlation functions and structure factors. These quantities enable us(More)
Aperiodic and fractal optical elements are proving to be promising candidates in image-forming devices. In this paper, we analyze the diffraction patterns of Fibonacci gratings (FbGs), which are prototypical examples of aperiodicity. They exhibit novel characteristics such as redundancy and robustness that keep their imaging characteristics intact even when(More)
Participation of beneficiaries in the monitoring of public services is increasingly seen as a key to improving their efficiency. In India, the current government flagship program on universal primary education organizes both locally elected leaders and parents of children enrolled in public schools into committees and gives these groups powers over resource(More)
Many experiments yield multi-scale morphologies which are smooth on some length scales and fractal on others. Accurate statements about morphological properties, e.g., roughness exponent, fractal dimension, domain size, interfacial width, etc. are obtained from the correlation function and structure factor. In this paper, we present structure factor data(More)