Varinder Sharma

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The tissue distributions of sinapic acid esters (1-sinapoylglucose, sinapolyl-L-malate, 6,3'-disinapoylsucrose), kaempferol glycosides, free malic acid and of the enzyme involved in the synthesis of sinapoyl-L-malate, 1-sinapoylglucose: L-malate sinapoyltransferase (SMT), have been investigated in cotyledons of Raphanus sativus L. seedlings. The kaempferol(More)
The distribution of L-malate, sinapic acid esters and 1-sinapoylglucose: L-malate sinapoyltransferase (SMT) which catalyzes the synthesis of sinapoyl-L-malate were examined in preparations of protoplasts obtained from cotyledons of red radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. sativus). Vacuoles isolated from the protoplasts contained all of the SMT activity, all of(More)
It has become well known that the knowledge about key network members is essential for doing business successfully through online social networking sites. As of now, most studies targeted at identifying key members have used network structural centrality measures. Little emphasis has been placed on member activities to identify key members in a network;(More)
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