Varinder Saini

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Endobronchial tuberculosis (EBTB) is defined as tuberculous infection of the tracheobronchial tree with microbial and histopathological evidence. It is seen in 10-40% of patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis. More than 90% of the patients with EBTB have some degree of bronchial stenosis. Ten to 20 percent have normal chest radiograph. Therefore, a(More)
Tuberculosis is still one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity. Besides clinical impact, the disease affects the quality of life (QOL) too. With the rise of 21st century, multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR TB) has risen as a significant public health problem due to emergence of resistance to anti-tuberculosis therapy (ATT) drugs. This study was(More)
In the present study, data were collected on knowledge and practices of mothers in two villages of Block Beri of district Rohtak for devising a standard management plan. In all 304 mothers were interviewed. About 23 per cent mothers recognised pneumonia by fast breathing and 11.2 per cent recognised severe pneumonia by chest indrawing. Only 1.3 per cent(More)