Varinder Dua

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The lifetime psychiatric health care costs of 15 women with multiple personality disorder (MPD) who were admitted to the senior author's inpatient service over a four-year period were tabulated. A calculation of the projected costs of treatment based on costs incurred since diagnosis was made, and this was compared to prediagnosis baseline costs projected(More)
BACKGROUND Usually remembered in the context of Narcolepsy-Cataplexy syndrome, isolated sleep paralysis (SP) and hypnic hallucination are widely prevalent and because of the overlap of symptoms with schizophrenia, their identification is important but unrecognized. AIMS To determine the presence of SP and hypnic hallucinations (HH) in people with(More)
Purpose Research has shown that academic detailing (AD), which includes repeated in-person educational messages in an interactive format in a physician's office, is among the most effective continuing medical education (CME) forms for improving prescribing practices and reducing drug costs. The purpose of this paper is to investigate AD's feasibility and(More)
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