Vareishang Tangpu

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AIM OF THIS STUDY Adhatoda vasica Nees has been commonly used in the indigenous system of medicine of Naga tribes in India for curing intestinal worm infections. In this study the anticestodal efficacy of Adhatoda vasica leaf extract was evaluated using Hymenolepis diminuta-rat experimental model. MATERIALS AND METHODS The anticestodal efficacy of leaf(More)
Use of Strobilanthes discolor T. Anders leaves in the treatment of intestinal worm infections is a common ethnobotanical practice in the Naga tribes of north-eastern part of India. In the present communication the anticestodal efficacy of Strobilanthes discolor leaf extract was investigated using Hymenolepis diminuta-rat experimental model. The effects of(More)
Although there are many effective drugs available to treat intestinal worms, the fact remains that they remain out of reach to a majority of the population in many areas of the world. On the other hand, traditional plant-based remedies continue to be an important therapeutic aid for treating worm infections throughout the world, especially in the developing(More)
Zanthoxylum rhetsa DC (Rutaceae), commonly called prickly ash, is used in the folk medicine of Naga tribes in India as a deworming remedy. In the present study, the therapeutic efficacy of Z. rhetsa leaf extract was investigated against experimental Hymenolepis diminuta (Cestoda) infections in albino rats. The efficacy of extract was determined on the basis(More)
The antidiarrhoeal effects of the methanolic extract of Rhus javanica ripen fruits (MERJ) were investigated by employing four experimental models of diarrhoea in Swiss albino mice. MERJ treated mice, showed significant reduction in the faecal output and protected them from castor oil-induced diarrhoea. The extract also reduced the intestinal fluid secretion(More)
AIM The roots of Potentilla fulgens Wall. ex Hook. (Rosaceae) have been used in the indigenous system of medicine in Northeast India to treat diarrhea. The aim of this study was to investigate the safety and protective effects of P. fulgens root extract in experimentally induced diarrhea in mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS The protective effects of P. fulgens(More)
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