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Substitution of palmolein (POL) for groundnut oil (GNO) doubles saturated fatty acids and decreases by half the linoleic acid (18:2n-6) content of Indian diets. The effects of this substitution on selected parameters of cardiovascular risk and membrane functions were studied in middle-aged subjects. Both metabolic (short-term) and "in-home" (long-term)(More)
The use of cloud computing has increased rapidly in many organizations. Cloud computing provides many benefits in terms of low cost and accessibility of data. Ensuring the security of cloud computing is a major factor in the cloud computing environment, as users often store sensitive information with cloud storage providers but these providers may be(More)
Iodine deficiency is the most common preventable cause of mental deficiency. Remarkable success has been achieved by the use of iodised salt to correct this deficiency in many industrialised countries since 1920. The Government of India has adopted a strategy to iodise all edible salt in the country to overcome iodine deficiency. Universal salt iodisation(More)