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INTRODUCTION The aim of the study was to achieve injury situations in European team handball with a video based method. METHODS A video tape containing 59 injuries of an Olympic handball tournament were analyzed by two observers (sports-scientist, orthopaedic surgeon). The analysis was based on a method previously published by Teitz, which was developed(More)
We compared measurement of lactoferrin concentration by the LactoCard solid phase ELISA assay with the LactoPlate radial immunodiffusion assay in tears of normal patients and those with keratoconjunctivitis sicca. The LactoCard, a new lactoferrin assay, allows rapid determination of tear lactoferrin concentration in 10-15 min, a notable improvement over the(More)
Gelastic seizures are an extremely rare form of epilepsy defined as automatic bouts of laughter without mirth commonly associated with a hypothalamic hamartoma. The objective was to survey all Israeli children found to develop recurrent gelastic seizures and report presenting symptoms, electroencephalographic and radiologic data, and response to either(More)
Urethane-anesthetized and conscious, immobilized SHR subjected to osmotic diuresis, responded to intravenous saline loading with a larger natriuresis than WKY-rats due to an increased urine sodium concentration without differences in urine flow. Blood pressure and heart rate reactions after saline loading were qualitatively different in anesthetized and(More)
In pregnant women with physiological hyperinsulinism and in a control group with lower peripheral insulin concentrations after glucose load was investigated, whether differences in the peripheral insulin content involve different relations between the KG-value and the sodium concentration of the erythrocytes. Despite the differences in the peripheral(More)
SHR being in osmotic diuresis responded to an intravenous saline load with greater sodium excretion than WKY. Volume expansion and sodium loading did not affect the erythrocyte sodium content. Both in the non-infused and in the infused sodium-loaded state SHR had a greater Na-Li-exchange rate than WKY. In the SHR the net-22Na-gain(Ery) was not influenced by(More)
In 18 rabbits a hypercholesterolaemia was produced by a 12-week dietetic load with cholesterol. The hypercholesterolaemic rabbits had increased proportions of saturated and simply unsaturated fatty acids in the triglycerides of the serum and the skeletal muscle. The content of eicosapentaenic acid was lowered. The alterations in the fatty acid pattern are(More)
The influence of acute volume-salt loading on renal excretory function and hemodynamics was studied in urethane-anesthetized and conscious immobilized, spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and normotensive Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rats on osmotic diuresis. The SHR have been shown to response to the intravenous sodium chloride load with exaggerated natriuresis as(More)