Varanasi Sudhakar

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In this paper, we describe a prototype speaker identification system using auto-associative neural network (AANN) and formant features. Our experiments demonstrate that formants extracted from difference spectrum perform significantly better than formants extracted from normal spectrum for the task of speaker identification. We also demonstrate that(More)
INTRODUCTION Pain-free treatment to the patients is considered as an important treatment objective for orthodontic health care providers. However, many orthodontists underestimate the degree of pain experienced by the patients. Hence, this study was conducted as a randomized, double-blinded clinical trial with the following objectives. OBJECTIVE To study(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of any root canal treatment is to achieve a canal free of micro organisms, residual pulp remnants, debris and smear layer for the long term success of the procedure. Manual and automated instrumentation techniques along with proper irrigation regime is used to arrive at the aforementioned goal. Many authors focused on the preparation(More)
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