Varadaraja Rao

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This paper uses ethnographic and econometric methods to study the determinants of wife abuse in a community of potters in Southern India. The qualitative work demonstrates that wife abuse is more likely when dowries are perceived as inadequate, when husbands are alcoholic, and when the cause of the abuse is perceived as "legitimate" by the community.(More)
"There are numerous reasons why mortality and life expectancy vary between countries. Epidemiological studies seem to indicate that dietary variations may be among them. A sample of 51 countries studied with data from the International Comparisons Project and other sources, shows that after controlling for nutrient intake, consumption of medical goods and(More)
Around the world, populations have experienced shortages of one sex or the other at marriageable ages, as a result of mortality declines. The solutions to this problem vary with the cultural context. Declines in the spousal age difference and increases in dowry payments (India) and polygamy (Africa) are two adjustments to a disequilibrium in the marriage(More)
Background: In light of population ageing in India, the education of tomorrow's medical doctors must include geriatrics care. Training of future physicians in the care of elderly patients needs to evolve in accordance with the exponential increase of elderly patients. WHO strongly advocates awareness for training all future medical doctors in the care of(More)
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