Vanshika Sethi

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Introduction: Ageing is a progressive, generalized impairment of functions resulting in loss of adaptive response to stress and increasing the risk of age related disease. Methodology: A sample of 200 elderly subjects i.e. 100 from the community (group A) and 100 from Old age home (group B) of sixty & above years of age were taken by the convenience(More)
The use of biomass gasification for conversion of hydrocarbons to permanent fuel gas mainly composed of H2, CO, CO2 and CH4. In this study the performance of Updraft gasifier is carried out with ANSYS FLUENT software, to study the effect of various operating parameters such as air velocity, fuel rate and moisture content on the performance of updraft(More)
This paper mainly focuses on the comparative merits of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) over the Pulverized coal plants such as Sub Critical, Supercritical and the Ultra Supercritical Plants on the basis of Performance efficiency, Cost of Generation of Power and environmental aspects. Based on the above criterion for a considerable number of(More)
Introduction: Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurological condition occurring due to loss of dopamine producing cells and patients with Parkinsonism have difficulties in initiating movements,tremors,Shuffling gait,balance impairments, dual task interference. Studies suggest that the characteristic motor symptoms of the disorder are frequently(More)
Wind is one of the cheapest and widely source of alternative energy. To convert it into electrical energy a wind turbine with generator is used but to properly convert this wind energy into electrical energy proper design of wind turbine is needed. In this paper we presents a genetic algorithm based optimization technique for the estimation of wind turbine(More)
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