Vanniappan Balamurugan

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This paper introduces an integrated color and texture feature based content based image retrieval using 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform (2D-DWT).Most of the image retrieval systems are still incapable of providing retrieval result with high retrieval accuracy and less computational complexity. To address this problem, combining color and texture features the(More)
Thresholding plays a vital role in image segmentation. A wrong selection of threshold may lead to improper segmentation. Adaptive approach will be good enough for the selection of threshold in many occasions. This paper proposes an iterative approach for segmentation of traffic signal based on the prior knowledge about the size of the traffic signals.(More)
This paper deals with the active vibration control of stiffened plate using distributed piezoelectric sensors and actuators. The dynamics has been modeled using a nine noded isoparametric piezolaminated plate finite element with five elastic degrees of freedom at each node and one electric degree of freedom per element per piezoelectric layer. The stiffener(More)
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