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This paper presents a technique called as Virtual Back off Algorithm (VBA), based on the sequencing technique for efficient media access control. The proposed method minimizes the number of collisions as well as reduces delays during back off periods. We present an analytical study on MAC layer issues that are very important while accessing channel over(More)
This paper presents a Learning Automata (LA)-based QoS (LAQ) framework capable of addressing some of the challenges and demands of various cloud applications. The proposed LAQ framework ensures that the computing resources are used in an efficient manner and are not over- or under-utilized by the consumer applications. Service provisioning can only be(More)
Designing an efficient channel assignment system for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs), which conserves energy, is a challenging task, primarily because of the high degrees of mobility of nodes in these networks. As the high mobility of nodes in vehicular networks leads to frequent handoffs, channel assignment in VANETs becomes a tedious task. In this(More)
We are witnessing these days a rapid growth of mobile users. Therefore, frequency spectrum must be efficiently utilized, as available frequency spectrum is limited. This paper proposes a channel allocation scheme with efficient bandwidth reservation which initially reserves some channels for handoff calls, and later reserves the channels dynamically, based(More)