Vanja Stojković

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Modifications of the bacterial ribosome regulate the function of the ribosome and modulate its susceptibility to antibiotics. By modifying a highly conserved adenosine A2503 in 23S rRNA, methylating enzyme Cfr confers resistance to a range of ribosome-targeting antibiotics. The same adenosine is also methylated by RlmN, an enzyme widely distributed among(More)
While RNA methylation occurs in all kingdoms of life, the type and the distribution of different methylated species varies substantially among archaea, bacteria, and eukaryotes. The most prevalent type of RNA methylation is methylation of nucleobases. However, despite recent advances in our knowledge of these marks, the biological roles of such(More)
RNA methylation is an abundant modification identified in various RNA species in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. However, the functional roles for the majority of these methylations remain largely unclear. In eukaryotes, many RNA methylations have been suggested to participate in fundamental cellular processes. Mutations in eukaryotic RNA(More)
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