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The number and size of different kinds of electronic files (text, pictures and videos) incorporated into eLearning environments were dramatically increased during the last ten years and this triggered a development of new web based systems for that specific environment. These systems were developed to satisfy current and specific users' needs which lead to(More)
The mobile business intelligence system (MBI) provides users with necessary information and content, regardless of their location and time, in order to gain business insights through information analysis using applications optimized for mobile devices. Although in recent years the business intelligence and analytics has gained an increasing amount of(More)
PROBLEM This work deals with the main problem of knowledge management: connecting of requested and available knowledge. We will neglect so called quasi-problems of knowledge management, such as: group knowledge, organizational memory or organizational learning. The thing that is not a quasi-problem, but is not considered at all is the question: How much(More)
Ensuring privacy in modern information systems is of primary importance for the users of these environments. Use and trust of users certainly depends on the degree of privacy [3]. Solution for the above mentioned problems can be found in application of the „Hippocratic Databases — HDB concept". The idea is inspired by the basic(More)
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