Vanita Verma

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The present study analyses the potential role of MTHFR gene polymorphism, folate supplementation and dietary pattern among the mothers of NTD neonates and controls in heterogeneous populations of North India, with the special focus on their ethnic labels. Results indicated significant increased risk for neural tube defects with respect to low folic acid(More)
Capacitated Transportation Problem with Bounds on Rim Conditions (CTPBRC) is an extension of classical transportation problem in which route’s transportation capacity, origin’s supply and destination’s demand have lower bound and upper bound. In this paper, CTPBRC is formulated using an integer linear programming model, and(More)
Transportation Problem is an important aspect which has been widely studied in Operations Research domain. A good and efficient transport is a key factor in mass production where the goods can reach the consumer from the production site or factory which may be situated many miles away. It has been studied with the objective of minimizing cost and the time(More)
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