Vanita Verma

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The present study analyses the potential role of MTHFR gene polymorphism, folate supplementation and dietary pattern among the mothers of NTD neonates and controls in heterogeneous populations of North India, with the special focus on their ethnic labels. Results indicated significant increased risk for neural tube defects with respect to low folic acid(More)
Motivated by dead mileage problem assessed in terms of running empty buses from various depots to starting points, we consider a class of the capac-itated transportation problems with bounds on total availabilities at sources and total destination requirements. It is often difficult to solve such problems and the present paper establishes their equivalence(More)
This paper discusses a paradox in fixed charge capacitated transportation problem where the objective function is the sum of two linear fractional functions consisting of variables costs and fixed charges respectively. A paradox arises when the transportation problem admits of an objective function value which is lower than the optimal objective function(More)
The present paper discusses positive sensitivity analysis (PSA) in linear programming with bounded variables. Positive sensitivity analysis is a sensitivity analysis method for linear programming that finds the range of perturbations within which the components of a given optimal solution which are strictly between their bounds remain strictly between(More)
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