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Enzymatic hydrolysis with beta-glucuronidase/sulfatase was used for the enantioselective determination of N-hydroxymexiletine glucuronide in plasma for pharmacokinetic studies. N-Hydroxymexiletine glucuronide was determined as the quantity of mexiletine released by hydrolysis (difference between the enantiomeric concentrations of mexiletine obtained with(More)
The phenomenon of enantioselectivity in the metabolism of mexiletine (MEX) conjugation was investigated in eight female patients with the arrhythmic form of chronic Chagas' heart disease treated with racemic mexiletine hydrochloride (two 100 mg capsules every 8 hr). Blood samples were collected up to 24 hr after the administration of the morning dose, with(More)
We present the Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) approach in the context of a musculoskeletal model of the thumb. With special consideration for the complexities of biomechanical modeling, we present this approach as an alternative to standard parameter estimation techniques that produce a single, in some way optimal, set of parameter values. In contrast,(More)
Neuroprosthetic limbs, regardless of their sophisticated motor control, require sensory feedback to viably interact with the environment. Toward that aim, the authors examined interrelationships between tactile and proprioceptive sensations. Through human psychophysics experiments, they evaluated error patterns of subjects estimating hand location in a(More)
Following a week of racemic mexiletine HCl at 200 mg tid (2×100 mg capsules), stereoselective aliphatic hydroxylation was studied in eight Chagasic women with chronic ventricular arrhythmias (52–67 yrs) with no history of renal or hepatic diseases. Blood samples were collected at dose interval up to 24 h of drug administration. Plasma concentrations of R(−)(More)
UNLABELLED Respiratory dystonia is a rare and difficult to diagnose disorder, that causes breathing restriction of various degrees. The objective of the study is to report the case of a patient with respiratory dystonia involving the larynx and the pharynx and its evolution concerning spasms intensity and control. CASE REPORT A 24 year-old-man has been(More)
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