1Lisa Robertson
1John Feehally
1Neena Desai
1Dheepa Nair
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Genetic causes of steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome are being increasingly recognized. Mutations in NPHS2, which encodes the glomerular protein podocin, account for up to 17% of sporadic and 40% of familial cases, where they display an autosomal-recessive pattern of inheritance. This report describes a non-consanguineous family with three generations of(More)
This open study was undertaken to assess the efficacy of clozapine in resistant schizophrenics, its side effects and safety profile and the mean dose required. Sample consisted of 28 patients who had been previously treated with neuroleptics and ECTs. A special proforma was prepared for recording the psychopathology and side effect profile. The complete(More)
Multimedia database modeling and representation play an important role for efficient storage and retrieval of multimedia. Modeling of semantic video content that enables spatiotemporal queries is one of the challenging tasks. A video is called as " quantizable " if the instants of a video are enough for a person to imagine the missing scenes properly. A(More)
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