Vangipuram Radhakrishna

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An accountable set of dynamic changes are happening on day to day basis in the software industry. So the change is the inevitable and heart of the software industry. Although many software processes and models, tools, standards exist and practices are set, still the industry is facing huge challenge in the design, build and reuse of software components,(More)
A Software Repository is a collection of library files and function codes. Programmers and Engineers design develop and build software libraries in a continuous process. Selecting suitable function code from one among many in the repository is quite challenging and cumbersome as we need to analyze semantic issues in function codes or components. Clustering(More)
Clustering Software Components for efficient component retrieval is gaining a significant practical importance in the field of software engineering from academic researchers and software industry. Clustering reduces the search space of components by grouping similar entities together thus ensuring reduced time complexity. Finding software components for(More)
The problem of mining frequent patterns in non-temporal databases is studied extensively. Conventional frequent pattern algorithms are not applicable to find temporal frequent items from the temporal databases. Given a reference support time sequence, the problem of mining similar temporal association patterns has been the current interest among the(More)
The problem of mining frequent patterns in a static database is studied extensively in the literature by many researchers. Conventional frequent pattern algorithms are not applicable to find frequent patterns from the temporal database. Temporal database is a database which can store past, present and future information. A temporal relation may be viewed as(More)
Software security pattern mining is the recent research interest among researchers working in the areas of security and data mining. When an application runs, several process and system calls associated are invoked in background. In this paper, the major objective is to identify the intrusion using temporal pattern mining. The idea is to find normal(More)
The problem of frequent pattern mining from non-temporal databases is studied extensively by various researchers working in areas of data mining, temporal databases and information retrieval. However, Conventional frequent pattern algorithms are not suitable to find similar temporal association patterns from temporal databases. A Temporal database is a(More)