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Revisiting Kokkinopilos: Middle Pleistocene radiometric dates for stratified archaeological remains in Greece
The red-bed site of Kokkinopilos is an emblematic and yet also most enigmatic open-air Palaeolithic site in Greece, stimulating controversy ever since its discovery in 1962. While early researchExpand
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Two new vertebrate localities from the Early Pleistocene of Mygdonia Basin (Macedonia, Greece): Preliminary results
Abstract Two new vertebrate fossiliferous localities from the Pleistocene of the Mygdonia Basin (Macedonia, Greece), Tsiotra Vryssi (TSR) and Platanochori-1 (PLN), are presented in this article. TSRExpand
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The Middle Pleistocene archaeological record of Greece and the role of the Aegean in hominin dispersals: new data and interpretations
Abstract In the debate about hominin dispersals, Greece is expected to have been among the core areas for the peopling of Eurasia, serving as a ‘refugium’ and source region for (re)colonizations.Expand
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Evidence for precision grasping in Neandertal daily activities
Contrary to common assumptions, Neandertal habitual behavior relied mainly on manual precision rather than brute grip force. Neandertal manual activities, as previously reconstructed from theirExpand
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The Early and Middle Pleistocene Archaeological Record of Greece: Current Status and Future Prospects
By applying a fieldwork-based, geoarchaeological approach, Tourloukis examines in this study the evidence from Greece within the framework of the earliest occupation of Europe. Although the GreekExpand
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New Middle Palaeolithic sites from the Mani Peninsula, Southern Greece
We here report the first results from a systematic research project in Mani (Southern Greece), which includes survey and test excavations. Forty-six caves, rockshelters and open-air sites in lowlandExpand
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Magnetostratigraphic and chronostratigraphic constraints on the Marathousa 1 Lower Palaeolithic site and the Middle Pleistocene deposits of the Megalopolis basin, Greece
Abstract We investigated the magnetostratigraphy of the Megalopolis basin in central Peloponnese, Greece, which encompasses a record of Pleistocene lacustrine and lignite-bearing sedimentation, whereExpand
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Geoarchaeology in Greece: A review
This paper examines the history and disciplinary trajectory of geoarchaeology in Greece. Comprising one of the most complex and tectonically active geological settings and entailing one of theExpand
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The Palaeolithic record of Greece: A synthesis of the evidence and a research agenda for the future
Abstract The Palaeolithic record of Greece remains highly fragmented and discontinuous in both space and time. Nevertheless, new surveys and excavations, along with the revisiting of known sites orExpand
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Beyond maps: Patterns of formation processes at the Middle Pleistocene open-air site of Marathousa 1, Megalopolis basin, Greece
Abstract Recent excavations at the Middle Pleistocene open-air site of Marathousa 1 have unearthed in one of the two investigated areas (Area A) a partial skeleton of a single individual ofExpand
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