Vangelis Marinakis

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In recent years, the European Union (EU) has developed a shared European vision of sustainable urban development. Towards this direction, holistic solutions and advanced energy management services are necessary, addressed to any local authority that has as purpose to implement sustainable energy action plans. In this context, the aim of this paper is to(More)
The electricity production sector has currently and for the past years been dominated by fossil fuel technologies , mostly coal, oil and natural gas. This has had various environmental consequences, such as increased gaseous emissions, soil and water pollution, global warming, as well as fossil resource depletion. As a result, the need to pursue Sustainable(More)
Equation (1.1) was examined analytically and numerically in [2 – 4] and it was found that, although it is non-integrable in general, it still possesses solitary wave solutions, which, for small values of the parameters α and β , behave like solitons. New wave solutions of both equations (1.1) and (1.2) were also examined numerically in [5]. Equation (1.1)(More)
This paper introduces a methodological approach for evaluating the thermal comfort of building users, captured through social media, in order to evaluate and accordingly adjust energy management action plans. A framework for performing sentiment analysis of messages is developed and a pilot case is presented for optimally scheduling the temperature(More)
Smart grid technology has recently attracted a lot of attention since it enables the effective use of widespread energy sources and supports that way actions towards energy optimization and cost reduction. The benefits of adopting and promoting such a technology becomes even more promising given the advances in the field of renewable energy and Information(More)
Making Smart Energy Cities (SEC) a reality requires an intelligent and integrated assessment and consideration of various data sets, as well as relevant intelligent systems in a transparent and accessible manner. The scope of this paper is to present an innovative package of decision support tools (entitled “OPTIMUS”) for energy managers and(More)