Vangelis Kritsotakis

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Detecting proteins in human blood holds the promise of a revolution in cancer diagnosis. Also, the ability to perform laboratory operations on small scales using miniaturized (lab-on-a-chip) devices has many benefits. Designing and fabricating such systems is extremely challenging, but physicists and engineers are beginning to construct such highly(More)
The new movement to personalize treatment plans and improve prediction capabilities is greatly facilitated by intelligent remote patient monitoring and risk prevention. This paper focuses on patients suffering from bipolar disorder, a mental illness characterized by severe mood swings. We exploit the advantages of Semantic Web and Electronic Health Record(More)
The development of platforms that are able to continuously monitor and handle epileptic seizures in a non invasive manner is of great importance as they would improve the quality of life of drug resistant epileptic patients. In this work, a device and a computational platform is presented for acquiring low noise electroencephalographic signals, for the(More)
guidelines and patients' health records, the monitoring system is developed to encode and process this information and subsequently to assign recommendations of choices and alerts to clinicians for improved mental health care. Considering the clinical guidelines germane knowledge, as well as issues of patient's health record, the monitoring system can(More)
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