Vangel V. Ajanovski

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Computing is a field that is constantly evolving and as a result curricula at the universities are frequently under reconstruction. The number of curricula reconstructions at the author's institution produced multitude of options and sometimes confusingly similar choices that the students can have. This is considered as one of the main problems in improving(More)
This paper presents a model of a navigation system in a public information system, that can be used to improve the structure and content of the information repository via self-organization capabilities based on social interaction. This model has the primary goal of establishing a generic and adaptive social-based self-structuring navigation system. To(More)
The paper proposes a new evolutionary curriculum development process based on a structured approach. The process uses ideas from the Rational Unified Process (RUP) - a well-known software development methodology in the field of software engineering. The process that is proposed in this paper is customized from the point of view of an institutional-wide(More)
The e-Deposit is a deposit that can be managed in electronic form. The concept of a fund accessible for different financial transactions makes the e-Deposit appropriate for use at universities. The application is implemented in three-tier architecture. Because of the extensive exchange of financial data over the internet, the data integrity is secured. The(More)
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