Vangalur S. Alagar

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In this paper, we give an overview of our current work on introducing context as first-class objects in Lucid. The use of contexts as first class values increases the expressive power of Lucx (Lucid enriched with context). It allows us to use the paradigm for agent communication, for real-time reactive programming and for constraint programming. We include(More)
Existing architecture description languages mainly support the specification of the structural elements of the system under design. These languages have either only a limited support or no support to specify non-functional requirements. In a component-based development of trustworthy systems, the trustworthiness properties must be specified at the(More)
essential properties of trust its dynamics context-dependence, calculation, evolution It should be possible to reason about trust across contexts to import trust model into a programming language to include trust model in designing trustworthy computing systems IFIP2008 – p. 5/18 Intension and Extension Intensional logic permits expressions whose value(More)