Vanessa Wood

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Twenty-nine consecutive patients with submucous cleft palate were treated at the University of Florida during the 10-year period from 1986 to 1996. Twenty-seven patients were available for speech follow-up. The evaluation of these patients and rationale for treatment are discussed. The largest subgroup of patients were treated with the Furlow Z-plasty(More)
Disenfranchised youth are known to be at high risk for sexually transmitted infections. A study was conducted to validate the screening for sexually transmitted disease (STD) among adolescents under court jurisdiction, to characterize variables associated with STD among this group, and to contrast and compare the characteristics of STD among incarcerated(More)
This article reviews diagnosis and management of infants with diabetes. These infants present with signs and symptoms confused with other more common illnesses in this age group. A physician examining an ill-appearing dehydrated infant, without any obvious cause for the dehydration, should quickly screen the urine for glucose and ketones. Diagnosis of(More)
In the adolescent clinic of the Children's Center at the District of Columbia General Hospital, the proficiency of high-risk adolescents in condom usage was investigated. The majority of patients are served for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), contraception, and the diagnosis of pregnancy. In December 1990 and March 1991, each teenager who visited(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite considerable advances in the understanding of glenohumeral (GH) biomechanics and glenoid labral pathologies, arthroscopy remains the only definitive means of SLAP lesion diagnosis [3]. Unfortunately, natural GH anatomic variants limit the reliability of radiographic implications [2]. Accurate clinical diagnostic techniques would be(More)
The usefulness of type-specific testing for herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) is much debated with proponents arguing for likely change in the sexual behaviour of asymptomatic carriers and opponents suggesting that testing may have significant adverse psychological impact while not promoting behaviour change. In the present study we examine the impact of(More)
The completeness of a random sample of medical records, before and after introduction of a pro forma, was measured in an audit. Twenty key variables that were considered as an essential part of every clinical history were assessed. There was a significant improvement in nine of the 18 items for men, and 11 of the 20 items for women. The mean completeness(More)
During the last 5 years the incidence of congenital syphilis has increased several-fold and reached epidemic proportions. This increase is directly related to a similar increase in cases of primary and secondary syphilis in women and has been linked to the use of "crack" cocaine. Factors responsible for the increase in reported cases of congenital syphilis(More)
This study analyzes variables associated with syphilis infection among adolescents attending a public medical clinic in the District of Columbia. All adolescent clinic patients found to have Treponema pallidum antibody from June 1, 1989 through June 1, 1990 were included in the study. Medical records were reviewed for the following data: age, sex, presence(More)
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