Vanessa Ratten

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Caesarean section is thought to be indicated by an ominous antepartum cardiotocograph (CTG). However, the fear remains that infants delivered for this indication in the presence of antepartum haemorrhage, especially when premature, are destined to have severe hypoxic neurological damage. We therefore reviewed our experience of cardiotocography in women with(More)
Strategic management remains a recent field of research that is dynamic and changing with the global business economy. Given the sheer importance of research on this field of business management, this paper aims to conduct a co-citation bibliometric analysis of strategic management research. We map the authors and the most relevant approaches as well as(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging service technology that has ethical and entrepreneurial implications. Due to technological innovations increasing the attention placed on cloud computing services, more people are focusing on the security and privacy issues determined by ethical guidelines and how the technology is evolving as an entrepreneurial service(More)
In a review of 90 twin pregnancies monitored by antenatal cardiotocography there were 8 cases of subsequently proven fetofetal transfusion syndrome. In 2 of these evidence of severe fetal stress had indicated immediate delivery; the 4 babies survived in circumstances that were perilous. In 1 case there was no evidence of critical fetal reserve but the(More)
Cloud computing is one of the most important trends in technology innovation but its widespread adoption by individual’s remains unexplored. The main purpose of this paper is to examine behavioural intentions towards cloud computing in an educational setting through the use of social cognitive theory. A survey questionnaire was tested amongst a sample of(More)
This paper examines the behavior Australian youths have toward mobile banking. Social cognitive theory is the theoretical framework in which a conceptual model is empirically tested. The conceptual model includes five constructs (media, modeling, outcome expectancy, learning orientation and entrepreneurial orientation), which are proposed to influence an(More)
Cloud computing services are a prominent innovation that has changed consumer behaviours towards adopting new technological services. Despite the popularity of this technological innovation the underlying factors that contribute to a consumer’s intention to adopt cloud computing services has not been well researched. This paper builds upon the well-known(More)
Between 1981 and 1986, 9,840 women were monitored by antepartum nonstressed cardiotocography (CTG). A satisfactory fetal reserve pattern was detected in 91%, a reduced reserve pattern in 8% and a critical reserve pattern in 1%. The incidences of fetal growth retardation, Apgar score less than 6 at 1 minute, perinatal mortality and Caesarean section all(More)