Vanessa Ramos Kirsten

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The aim of this study was to identify the salt taste sensitivity thresholds and relationships with body composition and blood pressure levels in a cross-sectional study of adolescents. Blood pressure and body composition were measured with a digital device and by anthropometry, respectively. The salt taste sensitivity threshold was measured with 9 solutions(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach mucosa, which is considered its main etiological factor the Helicobacter pylori. AIM To observe the differences in patients with chronic gastritis as well as the presence and absence of H. pylori, to obtain a better understanding of the etiological factors, clinical, dietary and lifestyle(More)
BACKGROUND Nowadays obesity is a chronic disease considered one of the greatest problems in public healthy. Showing to be effective in a short and long term, the bariatric surgery has emerged as an optional treatment for morbid obesity. AIM Identify the profile of patients seeking bariatric surgery. METHODS Were interviewed 100 patients in preoperative(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to verify the adequacy profile of the cities of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in relation to the purchase of products of family farming by the Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar (PNAE - National Program of School Meals). METHODS This is a quantitative descriptive study, with secondary data analysis (public(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the consumption of ultra-processed foods and related factors in adolescents. METHODS This is a cross-sectional study conducted with 784 adolescents (both sexes and aged between 12 and 19 years) from public and private schools in the municipality of Palmeira das Missões, Brazil. Food consumption was recorded by the semiquantitative(More)
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