Vanessa R S Foletto

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BACKGROUND A previous study indicated that intrathecal administration of morphine reduces experimental inflammatory edema in rats by activating the nitric oxide/cyclic guanosine monophosphate pathway. This evidence supports the hypothesis that potassium channel opening may play an important role in mediating morphine's effect under such conditions. (More)
AIMS Rheumatoid arthritis brings great burdens to the patients. In addition to the highly expensive treatment, they are commonly associated with severe side effects. In such context, the research for safe and affordable treatments is needed. MAIN METHODS Arthritis was induced by CFA (0.5mg/mL) in female wistar rats. Trypsin was given p.o. (2.95mg/kg; 2mL)(More)
The results of this study show that the oral administration of ivermectin (48 mg/L) repeatedly for 72 h used in accordance with the present protocol is a safe and highly effective treatment for Giardia spp. and Hymenolepis nana in laboratory rat colonies. The drug can be easily and safely administered using drinking water. This simple regimen should control(More)
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