Vanessa Peña Araya

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Test coverage is about assessing the relevance of unit tests against the tested application. It is widely acknowledged that a software with a "good" test coverage is more robust against unanticipated execution, thus lowering the maintenance cost. However, insuring a coverage of a good quality is challenging, especially since most of the available test(More)
Nowadays, social media services are being used extensively as news sources and for spreading information on real-world events. Several studies have focused on detecting those events and locating them geographically. However, in order to study real-world events, for example, finding relationships between locations or detecting high impact events based on(More)
Online Social Networks (OSN) have changed the way information is produced and consumed. Organizing and retrieving unstructured data extracted from these platforms is not an easy task. Galean is a visual and interactive tool that aims to help journalists and historians, among others, analyze news events discussed on Twitter. In this tool, news events are(More)
This paper uses colored figures. Though colors are not mandatory for full understanding, we recommend a colored printout. ABSTRACT Testing is an essential activity when developing software. It is widely acknowledged that a test coverage above 70% is associated with a decrease in reported failures. Coverage tools output after running the unit tests the list(More)
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