Vanessa Oklejas

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The many-body physics of hydrogen bond formation in alpha-helices of globular proteins was investigated using a simple physics-based model. Specifically, a context-sensitive hydrogen bond potential, which depends on residue identity and degree of solvent exposure, was used in the framework of the Associated Memory Hamiltonian codes developed previously but(More)
—We present results from proton radiation experiments with carbon nanotube field effect transistors. Single event effects were observed consisting of drops in current, with very long durations (100 s of ms), and sudden, discrete switching events between quantized current levels. These studies are important for the development and understanding of advanced(More)
Single-ion detection has, for many years, been the domain of large devices such as the Geiger counter, and studies on interactions of ionized gasses with materials have been limited to large systems. To date, there have been no reports on single gaseous ion interaction with microelectronic devices, and single neutral atom detection techniques have shown(More)
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