Vanessa Micelli

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To allow for a direct connection of this linguistic information for terms with corresponding classes and properties in a domain ontology, we developed a lexicon model (LingInfo) that enables the definition of LingInfo instances (each of which represents a term) for each class or property. The LingInfo model is represented by use of a meta-class, which(More)
Increased availability of mobile computing, such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), creates the potential for constant and intelligent access to up-to-date, integrated and detailed information from the Web, regardless of one's actual geographical position. Intelligent question-answering requires the representation of knowledge from various domains, such(More)
Scaling up from controlled single domain spoken dialogue systems towards conversational, multi-domain and multimodal dialogue systems poses new challenges for the reliable processing of less restricted user utterances. In this paper we explore the feasibility to employ a general purpose ontology for various tasks involved in processing the user's utterances.
This paper describes our ongoing work in and thoughts on developing a grammar learning system based on a construction grammar formalism. Necessary modules are presented and first results and challenges in formalizing the grammar are shown up. Furthermore, we point out the major reasons why we chose construction grammar as the most fitting formalism for our(More)
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