Vanessa Liu

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Early IS research on satisfaction investigated system characteristics affecting end-user satisfaction, relying mostly on the IS success model. More recent research, on the other hand, studied satisfaction formation in the context of web-based products and services, using the disconfirmation theory. The IS context, however, is different from the marketing(More)
In this study, we further develop the information systems continuance model in the context of online shopping, using a contingency theory that accounts for the roles of online shopping habit and online shopping experience. Specifically, we argue and empirically demonstrate that although conceptually distinct, online shopping habit and online shopping(More)
Satisfaction has been studied extensively in information systems. Most studies, however, focused on specific system characteristics, providing very little understanding of the process of satisfaction formation. Furthermore, very little is known about the evolution of satisfaction over time, as most previous studies were cross-sectional, implicitly assuming(More)
In this research we develop, operationalize, and empirically test a model for explaining/predicting the satisfaction of customers with Internet-based services at different stages of adoption. We argue and empirically demonstrate the need to consider the evolutionary nature of satisfaction and the variability of its determinants. Our model identifies desire(More)
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