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Although it has been widely acknowledged that people living in poverty are underserved by mental health professionals, little is known about the experiences of psychotherapists who are currently working with poor clients. What can we learn from these clinicians that may help us more effectively prepare trainees for work in the context of poverty? This(More)
Does response selection select words or letters in skilled typewriting? Typing performance involves hierarchically organized control processes: an outer loop that controls word level processing, and an inner loop that controls letter (or keystroke) level processing. The present study addressed whether response selection occurs in the outer loop or the inner(More)
132 Background: Chinese Americans, the largest Asian subgroup, have high cancer rates. Many are recent immigrants who are economically disadvantaged. Patients often present with advanced illness and poorly controlled pain. Although quality improvement (QI) methodologies, such as rapid-cycle QI, may improve clinical practice and patient outcomes, few QI(More)
106 Background: Chinese Americans are the largest Asian subgroup in the U.S., and many are recent immigrants with high rates of cancer, a leading cause of death for this population. Although Chinese American patients frequently present with advanced illness and poorly controlled pain, information on symptom burden in this population is very limited. As part(More)
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