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Terms of the Political: Community, Immunity, Biopolitics
Terms of the Political: Community, Immunity, Biopolitics presents a decade of thought about the origins and possibilities of political theory from one of contemporary Italy's most prolific andExpand
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Nietzsche's Animal Philosophy: Culture, Politics, and the Animality of the Human Being
This book explores the significance of human animality in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and provides the first systematic treatment of the animal theme in Nietzsche's corpus as a whole LemmExpand
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This essay presents a reading of Nietzsche's second Un- timely Consideration and the second essay of his On the Genealogy of Morals that reevaluates the importance of animal forgetfulness inExpand
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The government of life : Foucault, biopolitics, and neoliberalism
List of Abbreviations Introduction Vanessa Lemm and Miguel Vatter Part I. The Nomos of Neoliberalism 1. The Fourth Age of Security Frederic Gros 2. The Law of the Household: Foucault, NeoliberalismExpand
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The Question of the Animal
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Is Nietzsche a Perfectionist? Rawls, Cavell, and the Politics of Culture in Nietzsche's "Schopenhauer as Educator"
Stanley Cavell’s reading of Nietzsche as a moral perfectionist is without doubt the most influential perfectionist reading of Nietzsche. Cavell developed his interpretation of Nietzsche as a moralExpand
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Nietzsche, Einverleibung and the Politics of Immunity
Abstract According to the Italian philosopher Roberto Esposito, Einverleibung (incorporation or embodiment) is an immunzation device that offers a response to both life’s need for self-preservationExpand
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Who is Nietzsche’s Homo Natura? Self- Knowledge, Probity and the Metamorphoses of the Human Being in ,,Beyond Good and Evil‘‘ 230
In Aphorism 230 of „Beyond Good and Evil,“ Nietzsche introduces the idea of the human being as a creature of nature through the enigmatic term ,homo natura‘ (Nietzsche 1989, 159-162). Throughout hisExpand
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In this volume, Vanessa Lemm and Juan Ormeño gather contributions from authors representing different philosophical outlooks and traditions, from North America, Germany, and Latin America, whoExpand