Vanessa K Rose

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BACKGROUND With increasing rates of chronic disease associated with lifestyle behavioural risk factors, there is urgent need for intervention strategies in primary health care. Currently there is a gap in the knowledge of factors that influence the delivery of preventive strategies by General Practitioners (GPs) around interventions for smoking, nutrition,(More)
People with a psychiatric disability can experience difficulty in gaining and maintaining employment. Some of these difficulties are related to problems in managing employment-related stress. The aim of this study was to pilot a vocationally-oriented cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) training program for people receiving public mental health services in(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED Through the humanitarian entrant program, a rapidly growing community of Sudanese refugees are resettling in Australia. Although the impact of pre-migration trauma upon refugee mental health is well established, there is a paucity of research exploring the impact of post-migration sociocultural factors. Women are often the most marginalised,(More)
Ethnically diverse diabetes patients face significant challenges in diabetes self-management ranging from cultural expectations to inequalities in health care provision. This study explored the experiences of ethnically diverse patients with diabetes attending group diabetes education in receiving self-management support from GPs. An approach based on(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED Unemployment is detrimental to health. The Unemployment and Health Project in South Western Sydney sought to work with labour market programs to improve the health, particularly, mental health, of unemployed people. This paper describes the experiences of the Project. METHODS Phase one commenced in 1995 and involved consultation with the(More)
Employment has significant health benefits for people with a psychiatric disability, including improved mental health and wellbeing and a reduction in symptoms and rates of relapse. Systematic reviews show that supported employment is more effective than prevocational training in achieving open employment for this group. Health services should invest in(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this exploratory study was to investigate the interaction between patient self-efficacy and GP communication in explaining diabetes self-management in a disadvantaged region of Sydney, Australia. METHODS This study was undertaken in South West Sydney with the Fairfield Division of General Practice. We used a cross-sectional survey(More)
BACKGROUND The very long-term unemployed (i.e. those unemployed for more than 2 years) face serious mental health problems and social difficulties in regaining employment. AIMS To assess the effectiveness of a pilot vocationally oriented cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) programme on mental health and vocational outcomes among a group of very long-term(More)
There have been few attempts to implement and disseminate programmes to address the psychological health impact of unemployment despite the burden of this problem upon public health and health services. One approach that has demonstrated efficacy in promoting both psychological health and employment for this group is based upon the principles of cognitive(More)