Vanessa Hill

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OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of apnea in infants hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis and identify relevant risk factors from the available literature. STUDY DESIGN A systematic search of available databases for studies reporting the rate of apnea in a consecutive cohort of infants hospitalized with RSV infection was(More)
Actin cables of budding yeast are bundles of F-actin that extend from the bud tip or neck to the mother cell tip, serve as tracks for bidirectional cargo transport, and undergo continuous movement from buds toward mother cells [1]. This movement, retrograde actin cable flow (RACF), is similar to retrograde actin flow in lamellipodia, growth cones,(More)
[1] Particulate organic carbon (POC) export fluxes were estimated in the shelf-slope region of the Chukchi Sea using measurements of Th U disequilibria and the POC/Th ratio in large (>53-mm) particles. These export fluxes were used in conjunction with rates of primary productivity and benthic carbon respiration to construct a POC budget for this shelf-slope(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the use of hypotonic vs isotonic maintenance fluids confers an increased risk of hyponatremia in hospitalized children. STUDY DESIGN A search of MEDLINE (1946 to January 2013), the Cochrane Central Registry (1991 to December 2012), Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health Literature (1990 to December 2012), and(More)
OBJECTIVE Decline in cognitive function begins by the 40s, and may be related to future dementia risk. We used data from a community-representative study to determine whether there are age-related differences in simple cognitive and gait tests by the 40s, and whether these differences were associated with covert cerebrovascular disease on magnetic resonance(More)
In order to understand early events in the immune response to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection, we studied the presence of various chemokines and cytokines in respiratory secretions of human infants with RSV infection. Interferon gamma (IFNgamma) was present in 30/39 (76.9%) subjects tested, but the IFNgamma-inducing cytokines interleukin (IL)12(More)
BACKGROUND The presence of Mycoplasma pneumoniae has been associated with worsening asthma in children. Sensitive assays have been developed to detect M pneumoniae-derived community-acquired respiratory distress syndrome (CARDS) toxin. OBJECTIVES To identify the frequency and persistence of M pneumoniae detection in respiratory secretions of children with(More)
Within the Local Universe galaxies can be studied in great detail star by star, and here we review the results of quantitative studies in nearby dwarf galaxies. The Color-Magnitude Diagram synthesis method is well established as the most accurate way to determine star formation history of galaxies back to the earliest times. This approach received a large(More)