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Chocolate bars and chocolate cookies are foodstuffs highly appreciated by children. The possibility of having fluorine (F) among their components, associated with an excessive consumption, may make(More)
This double-blind study assessed the fluoride (F) concentration in whole saliva and F bioavailability after the use of low-F dentifrices with reduced pH. Whole saliva was collected from 10 volunteers(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the bioavailability of fluoride after topical application of a dual-fluoride varnish commercially available in Brazil, when compared to Duraphat. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
Total fluoride (TF) and HCl 0.01 M ('gastric juice')-soluble fluoride (SF) were analysed in infant foods, beverages and calcium-rich biscuits. Samples were divided into seven categories: children(More)