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The creation of a web bubble, or link farm, is a technique used by web spammers to increase the visibility of a target page T. Specialized mobile agents, called Web Marshals, are employed to detect and dismantle link farms. As the number of Web Marshals, as well as the number of hops needed to disassemble a link farm, need to be minimized, this kind of(More)
In order to increase the visibility of a target pageT, web spammers create hyperlink structures called web bubbles, or link farms. As countermeasure, special mobile agents, called web marshals, are deployed in the detection and disassembling of link farms. Interestingly, the process of minimizing the number of web marshals and the number of hops needed to(More)
Polyazothiophene is a type of polythiophene derivative that combines the electrical and luminescent properties of polythiophenes with the photoisomerization property of azopolymers. Extensive efforts have been made to improve the properties of polyazothiophenes, such as solubility, optical, and chromic properties. We report the preparation of copolymers of(More)
First aid is the initial and immediate care given to a victim outside the hospital environment, with the purpose of assuring life and avoiding worsening conditions until he/she receives qualified assistance. Providing immediate aid to someone requires tranquility and, above all, knowledge on what has to be done or not in each situation. In addition to being(More)
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