Vanessa Braganholo

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This paper addresses the question of updating relational databases through XML views. Using query trees to capture the notions of selection, projection, nesting, grouping, and heterogeneous sets found throughout most XML query languages, we show how XML views expressed using query trees can be mapped to a set of corresponding relational views. We then show(More)
XML has become an important medium for data exchange, and is also used as an interface to – i.e. a view of – a relational database. While previous work has considered XML views for the purpose of querying relational databases (e.g. Silkroute), in this paper we consider the problem of updating a relational database through an XML view. Using the nested(More)
We propose noWorkflow, a tool that transparently captures provenance of scripts and enables reproducibility. Unlike existing approaches, noWorkflow is non-intrusive and does not require users to change the way they work – users need not wrap their experiments in scientific workflow systems, install version control systems, or instrument their scripts. The(More)
XML has become an important medium for data exchange, and is frequently used as an interface to (i.e., a view of) a relational database. Although a lot of work has been done on querying relational databases through XML views, the problem of updating relational databases through XML views has not received much attention. In this work, we map XML views(More)
One of the main advantages of using a scientific workflow management system (SWfMS) to orchestrate data flows among scientific activities is to control and register the whole workflow execution. The execution of activities within a workflow with high performance computing (HPC) presents challenges in SWfMS execution control. Current solutions leave the(More)
Active XML (AXML) documents combine extensional XML data with intentional data defined through Web service calls. The dynamic properties of these documents pose challenges to both storage and data materialization techniques. In this paper, we present ARAXA, a non-intrusive approach to store and manage AXML documents. We also define a methodology to(More)
ParGRES is a middleware aimed to efficiently process heavy weight queries, typical of OLAP, on top of a database cluster. ParGRES achieves query processing speed-up through intraand inter-query parallelism in a PC cluster environment with database replication and virtual partitioning. It accelerates both individual queries and system throughput. Our(More)