Vanessa Barreto

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Ig H chain (IgH) allelic exclusion remains a puzzling topic. Here, we address the following question: Do phenotypic IgH allelically included cells exist in normal mice and, if so, at what frequency? Sorted cells from heterozygous mice were evaluated for the expression of both IgM allotypes by double intracytoplasmic stainings. Dual expressors were found at(More)
V(H)DJ(H) recombination has been extensively studied in mice carrying an Ig heavy chain rearranged transgene. In most models, inhibition of endogenous Ig rearrangement occurs, consistently with the feedback model of IgH recombination. Nonetheless, an incomplete IgH allelic exclusion is a recurrent observation in these animals. Furthermore, transgene(More)
Paratanaisia bragai is a trematode parasite that reaches sexual maturity in the kidney collecting ducts of domesticated and wild fowl and whose intermediate hosts are the snails Subulina octona and Leptinaria unilamellata. There are some discrepancies in descriptions of the pathology of this parasite in bird kidneys. Therefore, the purpose of this study was(More)
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