Vanessa Balbé Martins

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the effect of fluoridated dentifrice (FD) and mouthwash (FM) under different treatment regimens on root caries (RC) inhibition. METHODS Dual-species biofilms formed by Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus casei were grown on the surface of bovine root dentine slabs which were exposed during 3 consecutive days to(More)
This randomized clinical trial aimed to assess the efficacy of sealing occlusal carious lesions in permanent teeth. The sample consisted of 54 occlusal carious lesions in permanent molars and premolars of 49 patients aged 8-43 years (median: 19 years). The inclusion criteria comprised the presence of a cavity with no access allowing biofilm control. The(More)
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