Vanesa Cortés

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INTRODUCTION The retina is a neuronal membrane that covers the posterior part of the eye chamber and is formed by several layers. The retinal function can be synthesize as the light translation into nervous impulses in the optic nerve. MATERIAL AND METHODS The ERG is the expression of the changes of the electrical potential in the retina after a luminous(More)
To investigate the possible role of domestic animals as reservoirs of human enteroviruses, we studied 212 stray dogs captured in different areas of the municipality of São Paulo. The captured animals were divided into 19 groups of 10 to 20 dogs each; faeces of 126 of the 212 dogs were processed for enterovirus isolation. The following viruses were isolated(More)
Forty two saliva samples from rabid dogs were examined by intracerebral inoculation of weanling and suckling mice. Although rabies virus assay were successful in all of the samples in both groups of mice used, a significant higher death proportion (p < 0.01) were observed in the suckling mice group.
INTRODUCTION 50% of the patients with cerebral tumours present with epileptic crises, which may be partial or generalized. The commonest partial crises have motor symptoms. These make up 30% of the simple partial crises. Partial simple crises with purely vegetative-type symptoms are very uncommon (less than 5%). They are considered to be caused by(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the case of a patient with paratesticular hemangiopericytoma and to perform a bibliographic review. METHODS We describe the case of a patient with paratesticular hemangiopericytoma. We conducted an exhaustive literature review in different databases to support the case discussion. RESULTS We present the case of a 64 year old male(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of intraoperative monitoring to determine the functional integrity of the nervous system has grown steadily over the last 15 years. The development of new instrumentation systems in spinal surgery and a greater incidence of complications have led to the need to introduce new methods of monitoring. AIMS AND DEVELOPMENT The purpose of(More)
Rabies virus isolation was demonstrated in all of the 55 saliva samples of 40 rabid dogs by intracerebral inoculation of young adult mice. Identification of cellular inclusions in the encephalic impressions of the 55 inoculated mice groups by means of the technics of Sellers and fluorescent antibodies revealed the rabies infection nature. Thirteen dogs(More)