Vaneet Aggarwal

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In this paper, we present an experimental and simulation based study to evaluate the use of full-duplex as a mode in practical IEEE 802.11 networks. To enable the study, we designed a 20 MHz multi-antenna OFDM full-duplex physical layer and a full-duplex capable MAC protocol which is backward compatible with current 802.11. Our extensive over-the-air(More)
In this paper, we study the effect of channel output feedback on the sum capacity in a two-user symmetric deterministic interference channel. We find that having a single feedback link from one of the receivers to its own transmitter results in the same sum capacity as having a total of 4 feedback links from both the receivers to both the transmitters.(More)
Proportional Fair (PF) scheduling algorithms are the <i>de facto</i> standard in cellular networks. They exploit the users' channel state diversity (induced by fast-fading) and are optimal for stationary channel state distributions and an infinite time-horizon. However, <i>mobile users</i> experience a nonstationary channel, due to <i>slow-fading</i> (on(More)
Cellular network operators are now expected to maintain a good Quality of Experience (QoE) for many services beyond circuit-switched voice and messaging. However, new smart-phone "app" services, such as Over The Top (OTT) video delivery, are not under an operator's control. Furthermore, complex interactions between network protocol layers make it(More)
The secrecy capacity is developed for a class of relay channels with orthogonal components and a passive eavesdropper node. The relay and destination receive signals from the source on two orthogonal channels such that the destination also receives transmissions from the relay on its channel. The eavesdropper can overhear either one or both of the(More)
The wiretap channel type II with an active eavesdropper is considered in this paper. Compared with the eavesdropper model considered in much of the literature, the eavesdropper considered here can not only overhear but also modify the signal transmitted over the channel. Two modification models are considered. In the first model, the eavesdropper erases the(More)
Recent studies have shown that web browsing is one of the most prominent cellular applications. It is therefore important for cellular network operators to understand how radio network characteristics (such as signal strength, handovers, load, etc.) influence users' web browsing Quality-of-Experience (web QoE). Understanding the relationship between web QoE(More)
A new class of exact-repair regenerating codes is constructed by stitching together shorter erasure correction codes, where the stitching pattern can be viewed as block designs. The proposed codes have the help-by-transfer property where the helper nodes simply transfer part of the stored data directly, without performing any computation. This embedded(More)
A new class of exact-repair regenerating codes is constructed by combining two layers of erasure correction codes together with combinatorial block designs. The proposed codes have the &#x201C;uncoded repair&#x201D; property where the nodes participating in the repair simply transfer part of the stored data directly, without performing any computation. The(More)
Trichloroethene (TCE) is one of the most common pollutants in groundwater, and Cs+ can be a cocontaminant at nuclear facilities. Smectite clays have large surface areas, are common in soils, have high affinities for some organic contaminants, and hence can potentially influence the transport of organic pollutants entering soils and sediments. The(More)