Vandhna Bhat

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The most important evolutionary event in the success of commercial tea cultivation outside China in ~30 countries came about by the origin of India hybrid tea in India, derived from the extensive spontaneous hybridization that took place between the Assam type tea growing in the forest regions of Assam, North-East India and China type tea introduced from(More)
Seabuckthorn, a non-leguminous nodule bearing dioecious shrub, is a storehouse of neutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic usage. The 348 genotypes of Hippophae rhamnoides ssp. turkestanica, H. salicifolia and H. tibetana were collected from 194 locations at 46 major sites across ~1,500 km from north-east to north-west Himalayas, harboring one of the(More)
Purpose: To develop and validate a sensitive HPLC method for the separation and simultaneous estimation of two ingredients in a composition comprising of rifampicin and a flavonoid glycoside (an enhancer of oral bioavailability of rifampicin). Methods: Reverse phase (RP) chromatographic separation and estimation was achieved using a Shimadzu HPLC system.(More)
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