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— The nearest neighbor (NN) technique is very simple, highly efficient and effective in the field of pattern recognition, text categorization, object recognition etc. Its simplicity is its main advantage, but the disadvantages can't be ignored even. The memory requirement and computation complexity also matter. Many techniques are developed to overcome(More)
Auditory evoked potential responses were recorded in 20 chronic malnourished children in age group 3-6 years and in 20 healthy age and sex matched controls using an 5200 Neuropack plus ( Nihon Koden, Japan) evoked potential recorder. The absolute peak latencies, inter peak latencies and amplitude of waves I-V of brainstem auditory evoked potentials (BAEPs)(More)
Streptokinase (SK) is a potent clot dissolver but lacks fibrin clot specificity as it activates human plasminogen (HPG) into human plasmin (HPN) throughout the system leading to increased risk of bleeding. Another major drawback associated with all thrombolytics, including tissue plasminogen activator, is the generation of transient thrombin and release of(More)
  • Jyoti Singhal, Vandana, M-Tech Student, Assit Prof
  • 2015
— Voice Over Internet (VOIP) is a rising popular Internet application that offers good services by Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). MANET offers a appropriate platform for the deployment of multimedia and voice session over IP network in various application scenarios that provides safety to comfort related services. But this network also faces many issues on(More)
A case of chronic, recurrent and asymptomatic facial swelling in a young male is presented. Swelling extended from lower midface to upper lateral neck and right commissure to anterior massetric border. History, clinical signs and symptoms and examination pointed towards the benign nature of the swelling. Fine-needle aspiration cytology tapered the(More)
The rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is beleived as a major menance in developing countries. There are many diagnostic methods available for detection of RHD. But these methods have several disadvantages like in term of sensitivity, selectivity, cost, so it is very important to develop a fast, sensitive, cheap device, which can easily available for RHD(More)
With the increasing use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in more and more fileds, security of data transfer becomes a major concern in research filed [12]. The secret key cryptography is not able to provide a sense of security in WSN given the nature of deployment area in the most of the applications. Key distribution remains a major problem in secret key(More)
—Drowsiness of driver is one of the causes for accidents. Here is proposal for drowsiness detection and alert using mobile phones. In this system driver has to wear USB EEG headset which is connected to mobile device. EEG will capture live brain signals and send to mobile device. Mobile device has a application installed in it which classifies these live(More)
Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy. About 65% of Indian population depends directly on agriculture and it accounts for around 22% of GDP. Agriculture derives its importance from the fact that it has vital supply and demand links with the manufacturing sector. During the past five years agriculture sector has witnessed spectacular advances in the(More)