Vandana Vikas Thakare

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This paper presents the use of neural network for the estimation of resonating frequency of a co axial feed circular microstrip patch antenna. The of a coaxial probe feed circular microstrip patch antenna resonating in the frequency range of 3.8 GHz given values of feed point radius (r 0 testing the neural network are obtained by simulator. The results(More)
A new method of calculation of patch dimensions of a rectangular microstrip patch antennas using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been adopted in this paper. An ANN model has been developed and tested for rectangular patch antenna design. It transforms the data containing the dielectric constant (r), thickness of the substrate (h), and antenna's(More)
Artificial Neural Network (ANNs) techniques are recently indicating a lot of promises in the application of various micro-engineering fields. Such a use of ANNs for estimating the patch dimensions of a microstrip line feed rectangular microstrip patch antennas has been presented in this paper. An ANN model has been developed and tested for rectangular patch(More)
Hairpin bandpass filter are compact structures they may theoretically be obtained by folding the resonator of parallel-coupled half wave length resonator which reduces the coupling between resonators. This type of U shape resonator is so called hair pin resonator. In the present paper a novel technique has been proposed for the estimation of bandwidth for(More)
— In this paper, a new method of bandwidth estimation using variation of slot length on interdigital band pass filter has been presented using artificial neural networks for desired frequency range between 1.7—2.5 GHz. Interdigital filter is multifinger periodic structure which offers compact filter design space. An ANN model has been developed and tested(More)
The paper edited here explores the possibility of increasing the bandwidth of microstrip patch antenna using multilayer dielectric structure. The work is presented so that bandwidth increases substantially without affecting the size of antenna. The bandwidth of antenna gets affected by antenna size, dielectric height and dielectric material. All these(More)
In this paper a novel techni que is proposed for the estimation of resonant frequency of coaxial feed equilateral triangular microstri p patch antenna. The major advantage of the proposed approach is that, after proper training, proposed neural model completel y bypasses the repeated use of complex i terati ve process for calculati on of resonant frequency,(More)
This paper presents the use of artificial neural network for the estimation of different performance parameters (i.e. Directivity, Radiation Efficiency, Gain and Bandwidth) of a coaxial feed equilateral triangular microstrip patch antenna. Levenberg-Marquardt training algorithms of MLPFFBP-ANN (Multilayer Perceptron feed forward back propagation Artificial(More)
A 6-way power divider with the combination of Bagley polygon power divider, Wilkinson power divider and defected ground structure are proposed in this specific work. A 100 ohm isolation resistor is used to achieve good isolation in Wilkinson power divider. The proposed configuration having, 2-section of 3-way triangular shape Bagley polygon power divider(More)