Vandana Shukla

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An approach for the semi-automatic extraction of roads from high-resolution satellite imagery is proposed. Scale space, Edge-detection techniques are used as pre-processing for segmentation and estimation of road width. The detection of road is based on the cost minimization technique. The cost is estimated by taking various factors into consideration like(More)
Nowadays reversible circuit designing is the emerging area of research. This design strategy aims towards the formation of digital circuits with ideally zero power dissipation. In this paper we have proposed a new reversible logic module to design a 4-bit binary 2‟s complement circuit. This complement circuit using reversible logic can be used to design(More)
Encoder circuits are vital component of an electronic computer system. Encoders are generally used for the conversion of a 2" bit number into the n bit number. Applications of encoders can be visualized as keyboard encoder on widespread use. Design of an optimized encoder circuit with the concept of reversible logic is the main outcome of this research(More)
Reversible circuit designing is the area where researchers are focussing more and more for the generation of low loss digital system designs. Researchers are using the concept of Reversible Logic in many areas such as Nanotechnology, low loss computing, optical computing, low power CMOS design etc. Here we have proposed a novel design approach for a 2-bit(More)
1. Laszlo B. Kish, Texas A&M University, Department of Electrical Engineering, College Station, TX 77843-3128, USA Received 16 July 2002; received in revised form 19 September 2002; accepted 19 September 2002, Communicated by C.R. Doering, “End of Moore’s law: thermal (noise) death of integration in micro and nano electronics.” 2. Trevor Pering, Tom Burd,(More)
Technological innovations of this era demand the application of reversible logic approach to design various low power loss digital systems. Reversible designs are widely applicable in the area of quantum computing, low power CMOS designs, optical computing, bioinformatics etc. This technique of digital circuit designing aims to produce ideally zero power(More)
Redundant Binary Signed Digit (RBSD) number system motivates the researchers to design high speed processing devices. RBSD adders can perform fast addition of two numbers due to the phenomenon of the absence of carry calculation and manipulation requirement. This paper presents a novel approach to design RBSD adder cell using some basic reversible logic(More)
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