Vandana Shukla

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An approach for the semi-automatic extraction of roads from high-resolution satellite imagery is proposed. Scale space, Edge-detection techniques are used as pre-processing for segmentation and estimation of road width. The detection of road is based on the cost minimization technique. The cost is estimated by taking various factors into consideration like(More)
Nowadays reversible circuit designing is the emerging area of research. This design strategy aims towards the formation of digital circuits with ideally zero power dissipation. In this paper we have proposed a new reversible logic module to design a 4-bit binary 2 " s complement circuit. This complement circuit using reversible logic can be used to design(More)
Designing of reversible circuit has become the promising area for researchers. The designing of digital circuits using reversible logic should have zero power loss in ideal conditions. However in practical aspect, it does not occur. This paper illustrates an optimized 8:1 multiplexer circuit grounded on reversible logic using a combination of available(More)
Reversible logic is highly useful in nanotechnology, low power design and quantum computing. The paper proposes a power efficient design of an ALU, using Reversible Logic Gates. With power management becoming a critical component for hardware design developers, Reversible Logic can provide a viable alternative towards creating low power digital circuits.(More)
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