Vandana Sharma

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Oncogene causing Cancer is mainly a tumor oriented disorder which has been found in various parts of the body, specialized into its particular types. The study of uncontrolled histological growth due to apoptosis has become a very important field of Cancer biology. Extracting quantitative data from MRI imaging source helps to understand the functions of(More)
Pharmacophore mapping investigations were carried out on a dataset of 36 pyrazole derivatives that demonstrate antiproliferative activity in human ovarian adenocarcinoma A2780 cells. Pharmacophore modeling is a powerful tool for activity prediction of the ligands. Three point pharmacophore model was developed with two hydrophobic groups, one hydrogen bond(More)
In this paper, a simple heuristic power allocation scheme is proposed for a random LED array to obtain uniform irradiance on the projection surface. This is done by considering a binomial point process (BPP) for modeling the LED location and using the quality factor as a performance metric. Numerical results are provided to validate the proposed model and(More)
Dissociation pathways of a series of alkali-cationized hybrid peptides, viz., Boc-alpha,beta- and -beta,alpha-carbopeptides, synthesized from C-linked carbo-beta3-amino acids [Caa (S)] and alpha-alanine (L-Ala), have been investigated by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. The positional isomers (six pairs) of the cationized alpha,beta- and(More)
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