Vandana Shah

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Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia (FLCOD) is a rare, but well recognized condition that characteristically affects the jaws of middle aged women. It usually manifests radiographically as a diffuse, lobulated and irregularly shaped radio-opacities distributed throughout the alveolar processes which are usually bilaterally symmetrical. This condition has been(More)
Lipomas are rare benign soft tissue mesenchymal neoplasms in the oral cavity, representing 1% of all benign oral tumors. Fibrolipoma (FL), an uncommon, histological variant of the classic lipoma, mostly affects the buccal mucosa. Very few cases of FL have been reported in the English literature. To the best of our knowledge a review of the English(More)
Image segmentation is an important and challenging problem in image analysis in the field of machine vision. For an unsupervised object based segmentation minimum spanning tree based clustering approach will be studied. Minimum spanning tree (MST) is undirected graph which contains all edges and vertex of the graph. We studied the basic algorithm of the MST(More)
Images are produced to record or display useful information or details .Due to flaws in the imaging and capturing process or transmission and compression process, the recorded image always represents noisy version of the original one. The undoing of these imperfections is critical to many of the successive image processing tasks. The visual quality of(More)
Glandular odontogenic cyst (GOC) is an uncommon jaw bone cyst of odontogenic origin described in 1987 by Gardner et al. It is a cyst having an unpredictable and potentially aggressive behavior. The increased recurrence rate can be due to its multilocularity and incomplete removal of the lining following conservative treatment. Clinically, the most common(More)
This case report describes a rare benign tumor in a 21-year-old female was referred to the department of Periodontics, regarding areas of gingival enlargement affecting both the maxilla and mandible on the right side. She was not having any systemic and family history. Surgical excision of the lesions was carried out under local anesthetic.(More)
" Speech " and " gestures " are the expressions, which are mostly used in communication between human beings. Learning of their use begins with the first years of life. In human communication, the use of speech and gestures is completely coordinated. Machine gesture and sign language recognition is about recognition of gestures and sign language using(More)
We previously reported that Pycnogenol , procyanidins extracted from the bark of French maritime ® pine (Pinus maritima Aiton; the official botanical name is now Pinus pinaster Aiton) is a potent free radical scavenger. It has been shown to inhibit macrophage oxidative burst. Macrophages carry out their microbicidal and tumoricidal activities via(More)
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