Vandana Mohan Patil

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In this paper, we give an overview of relationship between the two potential areas of research, Semantic Web and Ontologies. In our survey, we will first describe the state-ofthe-art of both the areas and then discuss their relationship. The Semantic Web has taken today's World Wide Web one step ahead with the integration of semantics into the underlying(More)
Description logic (DL) is a language for knowledge representation which is used to represent the terminological knowledge of an application domain in a structured and well-understood way. Two important features of DL are expressivity and decidability. Description Logics use two types of data structures for representing knowledge viz T-Box and A-Box. T-Box(More)
In a vehicle routing problem (VRP), there are one or more vehicles that travel around a network, which depart from and return to a start node. However, in an ad-hoc VRP, new nodes can be included at runtime, and their routes can be changed or defined online. This study aims to minimize the total route length by considering the dynamic addition and deletion(More)
Online social network has obtained a significant increase in recent years. Making friends is a way of creating social relationships with others in online social network to be in contact with their friends in the real world and to have access to the information they are interested in. Therefore friend recommendation is becoming a very important aspect and(More)
Vehicle routing problem (VRP) involves minimizing total route length while visiting each customer location exactly once. In capacitated vehicle routing problem the nodal demand of the vehicle need to be satisfied. For large scale problem use of clustering approach can improve the solution. In this paper an effective modified partition clustering approach(More)
With the increase in complexity and innovation in IT products and services, developing them, that to by the shared efforts of team members brings in the need of some standardized development model or approach. Due to several advantages of agile methodologies over the traditional waterfall based models, it is the preferred choice. Many a times, a single(More)
Design Patterns are very popular topic in software development. They solve the common software problem of defining web applications. Good use of design patterns increases code maintainability and provides good understanding to other developers. It helps in reducing the learning curve when dealing with a particular piece of code. By reverse engineering these(More)
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